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Specializing in Vegan & Allergen-Friendly Treats

Elysium Treats

Local Pickup & Delivery | Local Markets

Our Items

Cookies, Pastries, Granolas, Ice Creams, and more... oh, my!

From prepared treats to make-at-home mixes, we are always making something new! We accept requests for custom orders - let us know what you're looking for, and we might just be able to make some magic.

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About Us

Meet the Baker

Luca (they/she) has been a professional baker since 2010. They have thrived in management positions across a range of settings including bread bakeries, artisanal treat bakeries, and in large-scale production baking. Luca has worked in gluten-free and vegan kitchens, and has been a practicing vegan since 2014.

Luca is excited to bring together their years of experience in Elysium, where they can make unique new creations with sustainable, minimal-waste techniques. Plant-based food is full of joy, and we can’t wait to share that with you.

The Process

Delectable. Sustainable. Ethical.

We take care to select the highest quality ingredients from the most local-to-us sources we can find, with an eye to providing top-quality allergen-friendly items for as many people as we can! Inclusivity is key.


 Our packaging prioritizes sustainable, biodegradable options with a minimal-packaging-minimal-waste approach.

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